Saturday, February 20, 2010

Devotional -Snapshot 18 - Routine

"Since God knows our thoughts even before we think them, isn't it absurd of us to hesitate to tell Him the straight truth about ourselves?" Keep a Quiet Heart Elizabeth Elliot

" perceive my thoughts from afar... You hem me in... All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be." Psalm 139:2,5,16

I see how little I love You and Your people when I think sorrowfully about getting back into all the usual church programs in the Fall. I am dreading my weekly responsibilities since my summer has been so carefree.

Has the summer been devoid of service to You? Definitely not! But it has been spontaneous and daily delivered as I am led: letters of encouragement, carrot cake to a neighbor, meals for my friends, prayer, e-mail communications, instruction to a missionary on the judgments and sovereignty of God, relaxed conversations with my husband and children, swimming, cycling, exercising with my daughter, coffee/study hour at any time of day.

Now it is time for the routine, back to the scheduled commitments. I am aware You use the weekly program. It is stable, sure, consistent. Help me to love You enough that I will joyfully serve You in the daily routine.

I praise You for the "hedge" You place around me. Your "hemming in" protects me and guides me. It teaches me to trust You for my need of spontaneity and joy to live out the "daily". All my days have been fashioned for me and Your thoughts about my life are precious and wonderful.

"...for the worse my state the greater the need of my Father who loves me." George McDonald

What difficult tasks do you need God's help for? What daily commitments do you have that are wearing you out? Child care, housekeeping, job responsibilities, daily pains, church programs, aging parents, etc.---give it all to God. Ask Him to renew your joy. Thank Him for the dailies.

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