Friday, March 12, 2010

Devotional -Snapshot 39 - War

"The Scripture is clear that God is not the author of evil (James 1:13-15) but it also teaches that the wicked acts of men and of Satan do not fall outside God's sovereign determination."
Rhett Totten Sunday sermon November 9, 2003

"Do not fear, O Jacob My servant," says the Lord, "for I am with you; for I will make a complete end of all the nations to which I have driven you, but I will not make a complete end of you. I will rightly correct you, for I will not leave you wholly unpunished." Jeremiah 46:28

"O you sword of the Lord, how long until you are quiet?"....Jeremiah 47:6

God is a God of war. All war has a spiritual purpose and a Godly mandate. Notice here the word "rightly correct " and "punish" in 46:28. Only God, both just and loving, could dole out the punishment in a perfect format, made to conform us to the image of the Savior.

Wars are won not by the power of man, but by God. Even when the wicked win the battle, God has purposed it for His glory.

All war is a lesson about God, It will continue until we learn it. It will continue until the end of the age. "How can it (the sword) be quiet, seeing the Lord has given it a charge...there He has appointed it." Jer. 47:7

Think about these verses. What do they mean to you? If you always ignore the difficult verses in the Bible, you will be ignoring the full revelation of what it is teaching about God. You will love a God of your own making instead of the majestic, sovereign, awesome God of the Bible.

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